Blonde Summer was the final show of my CMJ. After meeting Matt via Christine on Wednesday and rallying after the Chad Valley show to see Foreign Resort at Fontanas, I promised myself I would catch up with his band at some point over the week. In a chain of events that’s now way too fuzzy to give any justice to here, I met a few of the other bandmates and continued to miss their bigger shows. Finally headed to their 12am set at Trash Bar with and after a stern phone call by Roland, Christine came and joined up as well. I remember having asked what kind of music they played and got the “kinda surfy, west coast, california, dancy” answer. And surfer rock they were. I liked their stuff and appreciated the high energy considering the fact that it was pretty late on the last night of a long long week and there really weren’t that many people there so, “right on” “hang ten”.

I also learned that a photobooth has a much higher capacity than I thought if you’re willing to work for it.

And just like that CMJ was over. With promises of getting to LA ever and advice I would have never received from a New Yorker on the life-cycle of a juice fast. Great end to a great week.

EDIT: Finally got their Wreckroom video